Student Rental file

You will receive a rental file for a 12-month lease (see booking instructions) including the following documents:

  • a rental agreement
  • a Keycom registration form for the use of washing machine / dryer in the laundry room

This file will include:

  • a registration certificate to a university or school or the awarding of a pre-registration number
  • a copy of the residence permit or certificate of the permit application for EU residents and the visa application for students from third countries outside the European Community (applies to foreigners in Switzerland for more than 3 months only)
  • a copy of the extract of the « Office des poursuites » - credit check for persons residing in Switzerland for more than 3 months only)
  • a copy of the certificate of insurance liability assumed under the lease


Opening a bank account in Switzerland

We strongly advise each student to open – if he does not already have one – a bank account in Switzerland to perform cheaply rent payments.
To this end, the students can get in touch with the Swiss bank of their choice. For information, our partners UBS and Crédit Suisse offer a solution to suit students needs.

Rental Guarantee

Tenants must provide a rent guarantee corresponding to 3 months of net rent in the form a Rental Guarantee Contract with a Swiss bank (see the offer from our partners UBS and Credit Suisse).

The copy of the Certificate of Rental Guarantee or Rental Guarantee Contract signed by the organization concerned should be sent by email upon signature.
The original will be provided on the day the student arrives at Résidence Neuchâtel. Note that the bank will require your presence in person.


Tenant RC and Household Insurance

The tenant shall have to contract a  third-party liability insurance to cover his personal liability under the lease, for physical injury and material damages caused to the leased asset and to third parties. In addition, it is strongly recommended to the tenant to contract a household insurance to cover his personal effects in the event of water damage, fire or theft.


Internal Regulations of Residence-Neuchâtel

By signing the lease agreeement, the lessee acknowledges the internal regulations of La Residence-Neuchatel and agrees to its terms. 

The lease agreement includes a list of prices, in perticular for replacement of :

  • furnishing of the apartments
  • bed linen  kits
  • kitchen, bathroom, desk and cabinet equipment
  • various intervention costs such as key loss
  • reminder fees for late payment