UBS Offer for students

Our partner bank UBS offers to students a Campus deal to open a bank account

To do so, UBS requires :

  • the physical presence of the applicant
  • the presentation of a valid passport
  • the lease agreement with La Residence-Neuchâtel


A copy of the residence permit delivered by the "Service du Contrôle des Habitants" of Neuchâtel shall be sent to UBS as soon as possible; the presentation of such permit shall be required to obtain a credit or debit card.


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Students 18 - 30 years : FREE - no fees.

  • 1 current account
  • 1 savings account
  • 1 debit card (Maestro)
  • 1 prepaid card
  • Ebanking UBS and mobilbanking
  • Bonus keyclub UBS offers 40CHF gift vouchers when opening an account
  • Timing to open an account: : 20 minutes.


UBS also offers a Rental Guarantee Account

For students choosing to deliver the Rentak Guarantee through another bank (3 months of net rent), it will be a Rental Guarantee Contract in triplicate (bank, lessor, tenant). You will need to accomplish same formalities as to open a bank account. 


> Download the lease subscription for the rental deposit UDS FR
> Download the lease subscription for the rental deposit UDS EN
> Download the lease subscription for the rental deposit UDS DE


Therefore :

  • either the student can come in Switzerland before the lease agreement starts: in such case, the student will send by mail to Régie Foncière a copie of the Rental Deposit Contract signed by the student and the bank. Upon arrival, the student will give the original rental deposit contract to Régie Foncière. The student will then receive the keys to the apartment.
  • or the student arrives on the same date the lease agreement starts : in such case, the student shall transfer to the account of Régie Foncière - at least 10 days before arriving in Neuchatel - the amount of the Guarantee Account (3 months of net rent), that it shall retransfer to UBS. The student will then have to present itself at UBS-Neuchâtel the day of its arrival  to obtain the original version of the Rental Deposit Contract that it will give to Régie Foncière. The student shall receive the keys of the apartment upon arrival at La Résidence-Neuchâtel, against the Rental Deposit Contract. 


Contact UBS Neuchâtel

Monsieur Mathieu Feger
Place Pury 5
2000 Neuchâtel
Tél. +41-32-722 42 73